IV. Fill in the gaps with the words or word-combinations given in brackets.

Ottawa, a city of great natural beauty, is the … of Canada. It is … in the south-eastern part of the province of Ontario, on the southern bank of the … opposite the city of Hull. Ottawa covers a land area of 110.2 sq km and is … by a 17,000-hectare protected greenbelt to the south and west.

Ottawa is known as one of the most … in Canada with over half the population having graduated from college and/or university.

Ottawa is a great cosmopolitan city with museums, galleries, performing arts and festivals, but still has the feel of a small … . English and French are the main languages spoken in Ottawa. You will also hear many other …, as Ottawa is a diverse, multicultural city, and about 25 per cent of its … are from other countries.

Ottawa is a high-technology centre, and boasts more engineers, scientists and PhD graduates per capita than any other city in … .

Ottawa is a global technology and business … . More than 1,500 companies are involved in such sectors as software, semiconductors, defence and security, life sciences, tourism, wireless technologies, film and video, multimedia.

In 1857, the city of Ottawa was chosen by … as capital of the province of Canada. Ottawa is … to a wealth of culture. The area is home to many renowned landmarks, notable institutions, national museums, official residences, government buildings, memorials and heritage structures. Among the city’s national museums and galleries is the … .

(Ottawa River, Canada, Queen Victoria, National Gallery of Canada, home, educated cities, surrounded, centre, town, languages, located, residents, capital)

V. Read the dialogue and act it out. Make your own dialogues using it as a model.

Mykola: Good morning.

Tour operator: How can I help you?

Mykola: Are there any organized coach tours around Ottawa?

Tour operator: Yes, there are, one-day long, two-day long. What would you like to see?

Mykola: I don’t know. The Parliament Hill, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, places of historical interest.

Tour operator: We can offer you such a trip. Your sightseeing starts in Gatineau Park.

Mykola: Can I see historical and architectural monuments, museums or any picture gallery?

Tour operator: Yes, of course.

Mykola: And how much does that coach tour cost?

Tour operator: 125 canadian dollars, sir.

Mykola: At what time does the sightseeing begin?

Tour operator: Tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Mykola: And my last question. What language does the quide use?

Tour operator: Polish, French, Spanish, Italian and Ukrainian.

Mykola: Ok. I would like to buy it. This is my money.

Tour operator: Thank you.